All flavours can be mixed and matched

Unfortunately I'm unable to cater to allergies/ dietary requirements

During hot weather, ganache may be substituted for buttercream

Vanilla Bean

Simple and perfect, this light vanilla butter cake is slathered in a vanilla bean buttercream

Optional Extras: 

■  Rainbow    ■  Funfetti    ■  Neapolitan 


This pink strawberry cake is accompanied by a beautiful strawberry flavoured buttercream

Optional Extras: 

■  Lemon ■  Neapolitan


Light and fluffy coconut cake topped with a creamy coconut buttercream

Optional Extras: 

■  Chocolate ■  Pina Colada

White Chocolate

White chocolate mud cake filled and coated with a sweet white chocolate ganache

Optional Extras: 

■  Raspberry

Caramel Mud

Caramel mud cake with a light caramel ganache and optional salted caramel sauce

Optional Extras: 

■  Chocolate    ■  Vanilla Bean

Chocolate Mud

A light chocolate mud cake coated in a chocolate ganache

Optional Extras: 

■  Mint    ■  Orange    ■  Neapolitan    ■  Caramel


Zesty lemon cake filled lemon buttercream and optional lemon curd

Optional Extras: 

■  Raspberry ■  Elderflower

Red Velvet

Velvety smooth cake with a hint of cocoa, topped with a cream cheese flavoured buttercream


Electric pink cake and buttercream flavoured with delicious Redskins


Honeycomb flavoured cake paired with a yummy buttercream

Optional Extras: 

■  Chocolate